Warranty policy

Endurance Auto Parts offers a Lifetime Warranty on most of the parts we sell. A Lifetime Warranty is its period of use in service that has no time limit to make a claim. Has been defined as a product's total life in use from the point of sale to the point of discard. Customers will be assured that the item purchased will be exchanged for the same product or an equivalent to their satisfaction.

This warranty begin on the date of purchase and apply only to the original purchaser. Warranty are not transferable and expire when you sell your vehicle or when we replace the part, whichever occurs first.Warranties cover only the cost of the item and do not cover any return shipping costs, or any other inconveniences incurred. An item that has been installed is not eligible to be returned for a refund but may be eligible for a replacement of the original item. This warranty represents the total liability of Endurance Auto Parts, for any part or product.

For a new replacement item to be covered under warranty, the failed item it is replacing must be returned to Endurance Auto Parts within 30 days of receiving return instructions.